Reasons To Drive Yourself From Estes Park To Raft With A Wanderlust Adventure On The Poudre River

The Cache La Poudre Rivers offers the closest and best rafting near Estes Park. Unfortunately there are no rafting trips offered right in the town of Estes Park. So if you are staying in Estes Park this summer and you want to go rafting your best option is the Poudre River near Fort Collins. We are only an hour and fifteen minute drive from Estes Park. It takes about two hours to reach rafting on the Colorado River and Clear Creek. These rivers have more outfitters on them and are a lot more crowded. There are a limited number of outfitters on the Cache La Poudre which is Colorado’s only national “Wild & Scenic” River. With less crowds, amazing scenery, world class whitewater and a shorter drive, the Poudre River really is the best choice for rafting from Estes Park. We have found that some people don’t want to drive from Estes Park to our location near Fort Collins because they think the drive is complicated and that they might get lost. This is far from the truth and I would like to explain some reasons why you should drive yourself from Estes Park to raft with A Wanderlust Adventure on the Poudre River.

  1. If you can make Two Left Turns you can find our location. It really is that simple. You basically leave Estes Park driving down Highway 34 towards Loveland. When you get to Wilson Avenue you take your first left turn. You drive north to Fort Collins and on the north end of town you take your second left turn onto 54G. You drive two miles and we are on the right. It’s that simple. If you are one of those people that worries a lot we have got you covered. Leave Estes a little bit earlier and grab a meal at our Restaurant before your rafting trip. You know your in the right place as you enjoy some good home cooked food. You get the best of both worlds on this decision.
  2. Your vacation time is valuable. Some companies offer transportation for an additional charge and promise that they will save you time. You probably have your own car up in Estes and you will be on your own schedule if you drive down to us. I promise that you will be able to drive to us faster than a school bus. When you are on a bus you are at the mercy of the other fifty people on the bus. This means waiting for them for various reasons. You will save time if you drive in your own car. Believe me on this one. We estimate that you will save about sixty minutes if you drive yourself. Oh, and you will save some money too.
  3. The convenience of your own vehicle is worth it. With your own vehicle you will have air conditioning, more leg room, a more comfortable seat, music to listen to, more room to bring food and soft drinks. You can also pop in a movie for the kids on your car DVD player or iPad.
  4. We have the latest launch windows on the Poudre River so if you raft with us you can sleep in a little bit more. Because you will be on your own schedule you can get up a little later and get back home a little sooner. Sounds nice doesn’t it.
  5. The best part about driving yourself from Estes Park is the freedom that you will have. After your rafting trip you are going to be hungry. I mean really hungry. We have a restaurant at our location that serves great food. Many of our Estes Park rafting guests grab a meal at our restaurant before driving back. You can also drive into Fort Collins for a wide variety of restaurants to choose from. We are also the beer capitol of Colorado. You can book a tour of New Belgium Brewing Company after your rafting trip and enjoy their free samples or check out the world-famous Budweiser Clydesdales West Coast Team after doing a brewery tour at Anheuser Busch. There are also a lot of other breweries to choose from. Please visit the Fort Collins Brewery Guide. For more things to do in Fort Collins please visit the Fort Collins Convention and Visitors Bureau website.

These are just five reasons to drive yourself from Estes Park. If you want more details about driving yourself or other things to do in Fort Collins please give us a call. We hope that you can join us for an amazing rafting trip on the Poudre River!

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