Cold weather in May? It makes for GREAT rafting!

Because of the massive amount of snow that our beautiful Colorado Rockies got this year, there is a ton of snow melting and joining our rivers. All this snow melt typically occurs in May, but because of the cold weather that we’ve had, the snow has stayed up in the mountains- until now. Everyday this week the water level has been rising, the river has been getting a little faster, and the rafting trips that we do are getting bigger and splashier. We are expecting that the early season water levels that normally end in mid June will stay with us until early July- which is great news for our rafters!

The snow that we got this year was reportedly 202% more than last’s years snow pack, meaning that there is just more stored water in our mountains. This extra snow-melt along with an extra-chilly May delayed the snow melt until early June, and the snow is finally feeling the heat of our sunny June afternoons.

The executive director of the Colorado River Outfitters Association (CROA), David Costlow, simply stated that this year’s rafting will ‘probably going to be the best [rafting] in the last 20 years’. He then mentioned that the beautiful Cache La Poudre river (the one that we raft!) will probably peak on or after June 20th, which means the early season water levels will stay until the first week or two of July. That’s pretty significant if you’re looking for an adventure, because it means you have a longer time frame to go on the big whitewater rafting trip that you want to!

Come rafting with us to experience these great water levels, and remember our Early Season deal is still going on (it’s valid until June 19th, so book soon)!

Check out these articles for more information about how the snow will affect this summer’s rafting conditions.

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